Friday, March 28, 2008


To be honest I don't give a damn about ICL and IPL. For me, they are simply attempts to make more money out of T20 format. But what bothers me beyond anything was the fact the BCCI - the bastards of Cricket Control of India has audacity to ban all the players who wish to play for ICL. Please correct me if I am wrong here but last time I checked India was still a democratic country where the land where laws are respected and constitution is the only supreme authority. And if that's true then no human being should be objected from taking any legal profession that he or she deems appropriate. But when you play cricket and aspire to represent India then you have to let go the constitutional rights of unbiased employment as well as stomp over the basic human rights of finding livelihood through legal means.

BCCI is a stifling bureaucratic and inefficient organization that doesn't pay taxes to the government. It's highly political, corrupt and vindictive organization that just happens to sit on the possible fountainhead of humongous amount of money that may be generated in India. As if this wasn't enough then lately, the organization is headed by and run by politicians and businessman who haven't played cricket during their entire existence as earthlings. Only redemption in BCCI's excruciatingly arrogant behavior is the selection of team of good standard. Of course BCCI is not responsible for the high quality of cricketers but it is simply because huge number of talented people that aspire to play for the country. the The thing that keeps BCCI off the hot water is the considerably large number unbelievably talented cricketer India generates. So even if BCCI botch up the selection procedure and play politics internally at every corner, the team that they end up selecting plays decent standard of cricket. There are folklores about BCCI selectors and administrators ruining careers.

An important thing to note here is that BCCI gets no funding from Government of India. It's a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It pays no taxes either. But it's just an organization in India that happens to be related to Cricket. Technically, it won't be wrong to say players are representing BCCI rather than India. They are not accountable to anyone. Now considering how wonderfully disastrous Indian government works, people would like to keep BCCI out of government's inefficient hands. But that doesn't mean BCCI will flout the law of the land and behave in absolutely anti-competitive manner. Not just that with its financial might they are forcing governing bodies of other countries to follow this anti-social behavior.

ICL – Indian Cricket League is an organization run by an India billionaire who is a media mogul too. The planned to stage a T20 tournament in India with by establishing a Club structure akin to soccer clubs in Europe. All though they haven’t sold the franchise yet the expectation is that the Club owners will make money by filling stadiums and through sponsorships. ICL owners first approached BCCI regarding using BCCI's stadium. They apparently wanted BCCI’s blessing for this tournament and they were ready to share profits with BCCI too. It didn’t fly well in the life sucking atmosphere of BCCI. First BCCI refused the stadium usage for ICL events. (So, BCCI selected team represent India but their stadiums are private property and not open for public! Am I the only bummer sniffing some illogic here?) And then they disqualified ICL tournament as an official cricket tournament. Now how can one disqualify a cricket tournament that is played purely entertainment purposes? Of course bums at BCCI didn’t realize this initially. Later on instead of rectifying their unnecessary and irrational ‘ban’, they went a step ahead. Well, lot of steps ahead! BCCI declared that any player participating in ICL tournament will be barred from playing domestic tournaments in India. After that they asked employees like Indian Airlines or Indian Railways who field teams in domestic tournament to fire the players participating in ICL. BCCI wont’ allow ICL participants from playing county cricket in England. And the worst is that they are wrangling hands of cricket governing bodies of other nations to fall in line. Now other cricket boards are banning their players for taking part in ICL. This is just too much.

If this wasn’t enough they brazenly copied ICL concept and started their own league, IPL – Indian premier League. The rule is players can get selected for IPL. And if they chose not to then they will barred from any sort of cricket anywhere in the world. This goes smack against law of land. First, who decided BCCI is the sole representative of Cricket in India and if that wasn’t mandated by government of India then second, how come BCCI is deciding who can play what and where?

These questions won’t be asked. Ever! Because the ICL doesn’t stand chance against the staggering amount of money IPL generated before even a single match. Moreover, BCCI is run by a politician who happens to be a cabinet minister in the current government.

No one gives a damn what this lukkhaa blogger has to say. Because he is nothing but a common man for whom these morons staging drama for!


Sri said...

good article .. I loved reading it .. would you want to read my piece on the same topic (

studbaker said...

these sort of things can only happen in India. ICL should hire a team of top lawyers and sue this lunatic Sharad pawar. Cant imagine such sort of things happening in major league, soccer or basketball. Instead they should let ICL blossom and cultivate and play interleague games like they have in American league, National league in baseball